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Are you the proud owner of a sex toy collection? Over half of the households in Britain now own sex toys on one form or another, but do we look after our sex toys. Do you use your sex toys, and then immediately put them away so the kids can’t find them? White City escorts say that a lot of lovers use their sex toys, and never clean. According to White City escorts, this is a really bad habit to get into and we should look after our sex toys much better than we do. How do you look after your sex toys?

To care or not to care

White City escorts are right. Most of us don’t bother to look after our sex toys, yet you will find that most sex toys come with cleaning and user instructions. It is true that we should look after our sex toys a lot better, but most of us still ignore our toys after we had some fun with. White City escorts like say that all sex toys should be cleaned after use as it is easy to transfer infections. It may not be STD’s but we can be dealing with other infections such as thrush. They are very common, and thrush can be bounced back between husband and wife for a long time.


White City escorts

White City escorts

When was the last time you cleaned your vibrators ladies? White City escorts spoke to some ladies who were buying vibrators in a sex shop in Soho. To their horror the White City escorts found out that the ladies had never cleaned their previous vibrators. They just put them back in the drawer until the next time they wanted to use. Seriously, come one ladies, you should always clean your sex toys after use as they can pick up little nasty things. It is very easy to clean a vibrator. All you need is soap and water but you can also use face wash. Just remember that it needs to be PH neutral, and you should rinse of your vibrator afterwards.

Why are we so embarrassed about sex toys?

White City escorts say that we don’t clean our sex toys because we are embarrassed about them. Heck, you have just been using a vibrator and why shouldn’t you clean so it is ready for safe use next time you want to satisfy your wife? I know where White City escorts are coming from, and I really do think that you boys have a role to play here as well.

Yes, it is obviously fun to see your wife enjoying herself but you really need to give that vibrator a clean afterwards. Don’t feel embarrassed and remember that there is more than one way to look after your wife. Cleaning sex toys may not seem like a man’s duty, but like White City escorts say – You played with it – You Clean it. I think that is a very good motto to have when it comes to the use of sex toys. So, what are we going to do next time we have played with our toys? We are going to be good boys and girls, and give them a clean!