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Croydon escorts on healing dogs

Can dogs heal your life? Up until recently I was not that into dogs, but I started to volunteer down at the local animal shelter and I found that dogs are great to work with. The thing is that I love to walk, so I thought that I would become a volunteer dog walker. I have loved it so much that I am getting into other things as well, and when I am not at Croydon escorts, you are much more likely to find me walking or loving a dog.


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To be honest, I did not have such a great childhood and I spent a lot of time on my own. I liked sports when I was younger, but I cannot really say that I was into much else. On top of that I also liked to dance, and that is how I ended up in the world of adult entertainment. My parents did not really have enough money to send me to dance school or dance classes, but I learned anyway. When I left home at 18, I started to dance around various clubs around London. It was great fun, but did not pay that well.


After a little while, I found out that I was good with people as well, and started to do a bit of hostessing at the club. One day, a gentleman asked me if I was into escorting. Up until then I had not really thought about escorting, but I was willing to give it ago. I started to apply to different escorts services around London, and eventually I came across Croydon escorts. Now I have been here for two years, and I have managed pretty well.


The only problem is that I get a bit bored sometimes. Yes, I do meet a lot of nice guys at Croydon escorts but I wish that I had something else to all back on. I did not know that I was going to get so wrapped up in all of the dogs, but I am honestly thinking about doing something with dogs. Dogs seem to respond to me very well, and I have even thought about becoming a dog trainer. There are plenty of courses about, and the nice thing is that you can run your own business as a dog trainer.


I am not ready to leave Croydon escorts as yet, but I am serious about the dogs. Whenever I am around dogs, it feels like they heal a little part of you that you did not know was broken. After a couple of hours with the dogs at the animal sanctuary. I come home feeling like a new person. Some of the girls think that I have gone a bit funny, but I do think of the dogs as my personal therapy, and I love all of them. There is nothing like a cute pair of eyes staring at you and a nice fluffy tail wagging away – dogs truly make me so happy aside from their being so cute.

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